Online Casino Tournaments Guide

As popular as they are, online casino tournaments are regularly held on almost every gambling platform. Players enjoy playing their preferred games while competing with others. Of course, there’s also a suitable reward to bring on the excitement. The players who scored the highest will get the largest prize (or the full reward, depending on the tournament). 

On the other hand, casino tournaments may seem confusing to newbies who have no experience with them. How do they work? How do you enter a tournament? What games are being played there? If you want to learn more about tournaments and eventually try out your luck and skills by competing in one, keep reading.

What Are Online Casino Tournaments?

Casino tournaments are events that allow specific players to compete against each other. The goal is naturally to be the best and beat the competitors. In most cases, the player who has the most credits remaining at the end wins. In addition, the winner gets the biggest share of a prize pool or the full amount. 

To compete in an online casino tournament, players need to meet specific requirements. They may depend on the event or casino in question. However, entering tournaments usually requires several simple steps regardless of the venue:

  • Register at the online casino that holds tournaments regularly,
  • Go to the “tournaments” website section and choose the event that interests you the most,
  • Read the rules and requirements,
  • Enter the tournament by selecting the adequate button,
  • Deposit cash to buy your entry fee (unless it’s a freeroll tournament),
  • Choose a nick you want to use during the tournament,
  • Wait until the tournament starts (it will begin when enough players enter it or at the scheduled time),
  • Play!

As previously mentioned, the tournament rules aren’t always the same. Namely, there are various types of online casino tournaments. Accordingly, they are held under different rules. Thus, before you enter a specific tournament, you should get informed on different types and learn how they work. 

Types of Online Casino Tournaments

Generally, there are two basic online casino tournament types: leaderboard and points tournaments. Both of them work simply. For instance, leaderboard tournaments usually require a fee that grants you only entry. You collect points by wagering or winning (or both). According to your score, you earn a place on the leaderboard during a specific period.

When it comes to points tournaments, the entry fee is necessary. In addition, it brings you a specific number of credits. You then use the tokens or chips to play. And depending on how well you play, you’ll receive a reward according to pre-arranged payouts. 

However, that’s not the end of it. There are also online casino tournament subtypes.

Freeroll Tournaments

Sometimes, an online casino has a tournament reserved for recently registered players. These events may not require an entry fee. Thus, they are free and available for specific players. This type is referred to as a freeroll tournament. 

Scheduled Tournaments

The most popular online casino tournament type is the scheduled one. As the name suggests, it starts at the pre-scheduled time. The number of players who entered it matters less. The scheduled tournament typically requires an entry fee. The prize pool will consist of the cash players deposited to enter it. 

Sit ‘n Go Tournaments

If you’re a spontaneous gambler, a sit n’ go tournament is a perfect choice for you. Once the event is open, you can enter it and wait for it to begin. The tournament starts when all the seats are taken. Therefore, this type of tournament is more of a flexible one. 

Extender Tournaments

The player who loses all credits is usually kicked out of the tournament. However, if you participate in an extender tournament, you can pay to remain in the game. 

Reloader Tournaments

Like an extender tournament, the reloader one enables you to participate in the event for longer, even when you’re out of tokens and chips. It allows an option to re-buy an entry and start again. 

One-Shot Tournaments

If you love fast-paced events, you’ll enjoy one-shot tournaments. They are played quickly and may last only for one round. The winner typically takes the whole prize. 

Survivor Tournaments

As the name signals, survivor tournaments are based on the elimination of the less fortunate players. The last man standing is the winner who gets the biggest prize pool. 

Comped Tournaments

Some tournaments are available only for the most loyal high rollers. The comped tournament is such an event. It’s available only for VIP players. The casinos that host such VIP events usually have a loyalty program.

Who Can Play at Online Casino Tournaments?

Most online casino tournaments are available for all registered players who are willing to pay an entry fee. However, some of them are off-limits for the majority of players. For instance, freeroll tournaments are mainly hosted for new players. Hence, they are open only for newbies.

Online Casino Tournaments

Similarly, VIP tournaments are available only for particular players. They are usually high rollers who have played at the casino for a long time. Accordingly, the entry fee may be huge. 

Nevertheless, in the great majority of cases, tournaments are open for everyone. 

Most Popular Casino Tournament Games

Almost every casino game may be played at the tournament. Typically, a tournament may include every table and card game, such as roulette, baccarat, and blackjack. However, the most popular casino tournament games are slots and poker. 

Online Casino Slot Tournaments

The slots are among the most in-demand casino games. That said, it comes as no surprise that online casino slot tournaments are highly popular and easy to find. The majority of online casinos host them regularly. 

Slot tournaments may or may not require an entry fee. The winner is the player who gets the highest score. The best player takes the largest part of the pool and, in most cases, the winnings made during the tournament.

Online Casino Poker Tournaments

A poker game is often a social event, especially at the tournament. You play it against other players, not the house. Thus, it’s evident that the poker game is the perfect one for tournaments. If you enjoy this exciting card game, you should try out competing in online casino poker tournaments. They work just like slot and other casino tournaments, with one difference – the winner always takes the whole prize pool.